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Another Friday, Another Trip, Another Funeral

Spent the morning doing laundry, then ran out to do some errands with Liz. Bought a green shirt to participate in the "wear green and red to the funeral" plan. It's not my favorite green, but it will do. Rushed back home, let Liz sleep for half an hour, then packed like crazy. It's about time to head to the airport, but I figured I'd stop and wave goodbye first. (Bye!)

Hopefully all the airplane stuff works out, ol' Bernoulli still in effect, that sort of thing. And hopefully the weekend works out without anyone getting too cranky at anyone else. The weather has really beaten the crap out of me, and Liz is super-tired from having been up super-early from work, and there are always some family tensions...

I'll catch y'all later. Have a great weekend!

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