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Things and Stuff

It's time for an update, since I haven't posted in a few days. Let's see...

Had a nice little early birthday party thing on Saturday night. There were twelve of us once everyone arrived -- Jim, [info]gieves, Mandy, Don, Liz's friend Talitha (or however she spells it),'s Julie (sort of like "TV's Julie", but oh so much more glamorous), Angie, Brent, H2 and her husband Bob, and (obviously) Liz and myself. We dined on various tasty munchies, including the infamous Rocky River "bar cheese", a gloopy cheese dip rich with horseradish. We had some nice bottles of wine, though not as many as we expected. A rousing game of Cranium. Good times were had by all!

We decided to have the party a week earlier than we otherwise would. This has totally confused my dear friend Cathe, from whom I received a guilt-ridden email about how awful she felt about missing my birthday, despite the fact that it's really not until next Monday. To clarify, we had wanted to have the party on the first of March, but we'll be out of town to attend my grandfather's funeral. And we can't postpone it until the eighth, since we'll be in Ann Arbor to see the RSC. So one week early is better than two or three weeks late, in my opinion!

Gift highlights, if you must know, include the Lego Imperial Star Destroyer -- at 3100 pieces, the largest Lego set ever released -- thanks mom-in-law Anne! -- and a replica of the One Ring from H2, to caress during meetings and publicly call "my precioussssss...". I can't wait!

We finally got around to setting up our Frigits on Friday night. They are the ultimate cat toy. Set just one marble going, and the cat is upstairs and watching attentively in seconds. I'll post some pictures sometime. :-)

Sunday, I thought I'd go out and take advantage of Triple Points Weekend at Suncoast, and maybe do some errands. But what looked like "just an inch" of snow on our driveway turned out to be six inches (more in some places). I am a pretty miserable judge of snow depth from the inside of the house. Once we dug out from the snow, we went out to the mall, where the selection at Suncoast totally sucked, and I got all disappointed and cranky. At that point, we forgot about the other errands we had been planning and promptly went back home to ignore the outside world. This allowed us to munch on leftovers and catch up on Futurama, Batman Beyond, and so forth. Liz bid on (and won!) an auction for a Chilly Willy model cel. And I finally got around to seeing Heavenly Creatures, which I'd TiVo'd earlier in the week. What a charming, beautiful, and downright odd little movie! I had no idea what to expect from it, and was amused, frightened, shocked, and touched by it. Highly recommended.

What else? Hmm.

It was clear and warm on Thursday and Friday. I delighted in being able to drive my shiny, clean car to work on Friday morning. By midday, the clouds had come back, and Saturday was entirely rainy, so much so that nearly all of the snow melted. Then, as I alluded to above, we got slammed with snow in the wee hours of Sunday, with another round of snow today, just in time to make the morning drive miserable. Why haven't I moved somewhere warm yet?

This week I need to get my driver's license renewed (it expires on Monday!), and I need to buy a green shirt for Saturday. Since Grandpa was red/green colorblind, the family has decided to wear reds and greens to the grave. (The completely unsubstantiated and unscientific but delightfully sentimental theory being that he couldn't see those colors in this life, but can finally appreciate them...)

Oh, I remember now!

The guy who used to own,, and has let them expire, so I bought them today, as I should have years ago. Hopefully I will put them to better use than he did -- which shouldn't be hard, because he'd just left them pointed to stupid domain parking pages for the past three years or so. I feel an urge to get out my Daffy Duck voice and shout, "Mine mine mine! Down down down! Mine mine mine!"

And in conclusion, I would like to say that I totally need one of these.

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