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Val Recap

After several stressful days of watching our server farm and coughing up my lungs, I am glad to say that we did a damn fine job surviving the Valentine's Day traffic spike, and even more glad to say that I am starting to feel better. (Yay!)

On the work front, things went relatively well. For once, we had good contingency options for when the traffic really started to slam us, and we used them at the right times, thereby maximizing our quality for our paying customers. So in the end, it turned out to be much more successful than previous years, when we have had periods of pretty bad crashing and burning. We pushed 500-600 megabits per second, which is pretty damn impressive to me. The biggest sign of success, though, was that our CEO seemed to be in a pretty relaxed, jovial mood all day long, which he usually isn't on Valentine's Day (due to the afforementioned crashing and burning). So that's definitely a plus. I guess I'll know better how we did on Monday.

Liz's flowers arrived, and they look lovely, so I scored big points there. I succeeded in making her female colleagues jealous, and her male colleagues guilty enough to feel like buying flowers on the way home, so I feel that my mission was accomplished in full. And the various treasures and cards that I showered upon her were all hits, so I am definitely doing well this week. Oh yeah, I am a good Valentine... ;-)

My gifts from Liz are two nights of wine tasting classes, one focusing on French reds, the other on French whites. This suits me just fine, as I am really starting to get interested in learning about French wines (now that I have a good grasp of the Italians). The first one is this coming Wednesday night. I am a little worried that I won't be feeling well enough to go, but based on how much I have improved since yesterday, I still have some hope.

Since I wasn't feeling great, and since I didn't know if I'd be called back in to work, we had a pretty simple evening of take-out pizza and TiVo'ed cartoons by the fire. It was pretty cozy, and very, very nice indeed.

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