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Tuesday: Like Monday, Except Without as Much Excitement


I am up against a wall at work -- I can't get any further until one of our other programmers gets done with his stuff and gets a version safely to QA. Due to some annoying constraints, I can't actually test what I'm working on until it gets to our "build" environment, at which point, if I'm not careful, I can accidentally taint the file in question, causing it to explode messily if it goes to production before the rest of what I am working on goes. So, I have to find ways to pass the day (again).

My eye hurts. The left one. I suspect it's caused by too much staring at the web, hoping for something that will keep my mind occupied all day, since this is they way my eyes tend to react to days like these, where I have no work tasks to keep me focused and moving.

I got home before Liz and shoveled the snow all by myself. Go me. I am really starting to resent winter, and I'm not sure how many more winters I can put up with. Grump, vent, bitch, complain, etc. etc.

God, I need something to do.

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