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Friday at Home

Well, it sucks being too sick to go to work again. Actually, it doesn't suck quite as badly as yesterday, since my fever isn't oscillating quite as extremely.

I spent most of the morning sleeping/vegetating in bed while the cat lay between my knees, pinning me in place. After I could no longer bear the Today show, I watched "Dial H for Hitchcock," a documentary about (duh) Hitchcock and his films. Made mental notes to watch more of his films -- I have catching up to do.

Shortly after learning that Home Improvement's Al is now hosting Family Feud, I decided that it was time to get out of bed. After the full course of daily hygeine, I felt much more human and stumbled downstairs in search of food. I settled on yesterday's leftover kung pao chicken, which reheated nicely.

I have spent much of the rest of the afternoon reaping the benefits of last night's TiVo harvest -- Futurama, Daily Show, Freakazoid, Lupin, and more. I am just about officially converted to a TiVo junkie already. I may now be vastly more efficiently enslaved to my media masters, whoopee! The one thing I can tell right away, though, is that I will definitely want to upgrade my cabling (and multiswitch, and possibly dish) in order to pump a second DirecTV feed into the second tuner of the DirecTiVo, thus preventing the "can't change the channel, we're recording something else right now" syndrome. But all in all, I am definitely in love with it so far!

My mom has taken over planning for Grandpa's funeral services, which is a good thing, since my aunt was just getting overloaded with responsibilities. The service will be on March 1, so I won't be doing birthday festivities that weekend (new plans TBA).

The cat has now re-discovered my lap, making posting difficult, so I think that's enough for now.

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