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Last Day of Vacation

Had breakfast with Liz. Went back to sleep. That felt good.

I talked with [info]sam16 a little bit last night, and got some IM time with [info]mokatz this afternoon. Good to be back in touch.

Sorted photos. Exported photos. Reorganized server a little bit for photos. Uploaded photos. Rah.

Did a couple loads of laundry.

Spent a lot of time with the cat on my lap. This makes it hard to do things.

Checked in with my boss via email to let her know about the situation with my grandmother. It's good that I'm only planning to take one day off, because one day is all I get paid for.

Made flight arrangements. Got a rental car. Called Liz's mom to try to get a super-ninja cheap rate at the Holiday Inn in Loveland.

Had chili for dinner with Liz once she got home from pilates. Chili is good. Yum.

Saw that Apple has new goodies today -- too bad I just bought one of the TiBooks, now they have two new cute ones. Oh well. Apple's always doing that kind of stuff to people. Safari, their new web browser is interesting, but it needs tabs, and better cookie management, if it wants to oust Mozilla as my most favored browser. Also, it seems to have some trouble accepting cookies from our ( & family) sites, so that is either a bug, or something that will be a nightmare for me to deal with. Great.

Time for some "24." Guess I'll have to post all of these later, or during ads, or something.


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