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Hawaii Part Nine

Liz is doing better; we slapped one of Mom's motion-sickness patches on her last night, and it seems to be doing the trick now. We are still sloshing about more than I would like, but it's nowhere as violent as last night. It turns out we spent a good deal of time fighting a storm, so that accounts for a lot of the ugliness. Still, I notice that pretty much everyone aboard is walking very carefully, and being rather reserved today.

We spent most of the day napping. Every so often I would convince Liz to come out of the room with me to get food; she did not go willingly at first, but was much happier once she had something solid in her.

I beat Liz at checkers. Then my dad kicked my ass.

Had dinner tonight at the Endless Summer, the Hawaiian-themed restaurant. We had some mightily potent froo-froo girly beach drinks, which almost made up for the 40-minute wait between soup/salad and the main course. Okay, not really. It was pretty bad.

Liz and I killed off the evening in our stateroom. We watched Who Is Cletis Tout?, a film starring Christian Slater, Tim Allen, Richard Dreyfuss, Billy Connolly (doing a damn fine John Cleese impression), and RuPaul. It had a charming direct-to-video badness about it, which was tempered with a lot of really excellent classic movie references and in-jokes. It was stupidly fun.

The seas are calming down a little bit, but I think we won't be too thrilled until we get closer to the Hawaiian islands again and things settle down for real.

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