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Hawaii Part Eight

The seas tonight are really, really rough.

Liz stayed back in our stateroom, upending the contents of her stomach into the head, while I joined my parents and my mother in law for a thoroughly unsatisfying dinner at Ginza, the specialty Japanese restaurant aboard the Star. The service was slow, and pretty much vanished once we were seated. All the while the ship was tossed from one merciless wave to the next.

At least she's not the only one having a problem -- there are barf bags in every public space, and lots of newly cleaned patches of carpet in the halls.

It started getting rough about five or five thirty. We had gone up to the spa for our hot stone massage (in the couples room, ooooh). While we checked in, I could see that the water in the usually tranquil lap pool was sloshing so hard that it was coming five or six feet out of the pool before splashing back into the pool and repeating the process at the other end. Definitely a bad sign. The massage was great, and it was easy to ignore the turbulent seas while lying face down on the table. The girl working on my back managed to find pretty much everything that hurt, and I am now acquainted with a whole universe of pain that I had not even realized I carried with me. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

I picked up a couple loads of saltine crackers from the 24-hour snack bar area for Liz, and got her a can of 7-Up in case she feels like drinking something in the night.

I am going to take a tab of Dramamine and go to sleep. Hopefully we will all be feeling better tomorrow. None of us is really looking forward to another full day at sea.

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