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So the little dashboard light that I never see light up (one of them anyway) has started to light up on its own, completely unbidden. My owner's manual says that it is constantly illuminated when I have manually disengaged the traction control system (eg, if I had to put chains on, etc.). Since I have not manually disengaged jack squat, this indicates that either my traction control or my anti-lock brakes are malfunctioning. I can definitely feel the difference too, in the way that it drives. Now, those of you familiar with Cleveland weather know that it sucks this time of year, and right now it's about to get really sucky. So it's the most perfect time of all for the traction control and/or ABS to fail. Wonderful.

I am scheduled to drop it off at the dealership first thing Monday morning. I wish it could have been dealt with today, but that would just be too easy. At least it should be under warranty still -- I don't even have 9,000 miles on it yet, even with all the to-ing and fro-ing that Liz and I have been up to recently. Blarg.

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