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168/365: The Home Stretch

168/365: The Home Stretch

Claire and I came out to Pioneer Ridge's first race, the "Run at the Ridge" 5k, to cheer on my wife. Liz ended up taking the first place medal for her age group (woohoo!), but the most fun part for me was having Claire run the last little leg of the race alongside her mom so that they could cross the finish line together.

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120/365: Rainbow Runners

Rainbow Runners

On Sunday, Liz and Claire participated in Emily's Rainbow Run. Claire did a hundred-yard dash for kids six and under, for which she was delighted to receive a colorful participation ribbon (she was more interested in waving to the crowd than in running), and Liz won her division in the four-mile run!

It was a fun morning and a beautiful day for a race, and I'm proud of both of them.

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No Business Like Snow Business

You Don't Say
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March 1 was strangely mild; I laughed derisively when the weather lady declared that it was "coming in like a lamb" for once. Silly, silly woman. As a recent fortune cookie told me, "the lion, when hunting, does not roar." And that's what our small handful of balmy days were--that nice peaceful time before the lion pounces and tears you limb from limb.

So, after a Tuesday ice storm that had my car out of commission all day (plow didn't come before work, I got my car stuck in the ice and snow, and did some underbelly damage in its extraction, Liz was paying close enough attention that she was able to stock up on food and supplies before the whole state got socked on Friday. Her efforts made sure that once I was home from work on Friday, we could just hole up in the house and watch the snow come down, and down, and down down down, burying our yard and turning the neighborhood into an icy moonscape.

We entertained Claire. We had cocoa. I played a ton of Mass Effect. We watched a couple ski down the street. And still the snow kept falling, and falling.

Finally, on Sunday, the weather broke, our plow guy cleared out our driveway, and we emerged into the sunny day to explore the new world.

I shot a bunch of photos on Saturday and Sunday, including some great shots of Claire.

While I enjoyed having an excuse to wear my Jayne hat, I think it's safe to say we're all looking forward to spring.

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The Upside of Influenza

I spent the better part of a week in bed with a nasty case of influenza--chills, aches, sweats, nausea, digestive "issues", 102.9 degree fever--the works. And once again, everyone in my family had the great taste to all get sick at the exact same time, so you can imagine the fun that Liz and I had trying to comfort and care for Claire while we were clobbered by the bug.

But! Surprise, surprise! It turns out that even influenza can have a silver lining or two.

First, I lost six pounds, which is nice in the wake of holiday indulgence and a baby-driven complete lack of regular exercise routine.

More importantly, I now know what's happening to my sock drawer.

About once a week, I find my sock drawer in disarray, half-open and mixed-up, with two or three pairs on the floor in front of the dresser. I'd been wondering why and how for a while. Luckily, when one spends a week in bed with said dresser in direct view, one gets a chance to observe the cause and culprit first-hand--namely, Valentine the cat. She's figured out how to open the drawer, then jumps up onto the dresser and starts digging in the socks until she's satisfied with the disaster she's caused. I watched her steal four pairs of socks before she finally got bored and dashed off to chase her sister. I just about died laughing.

I know I sound like a broken record--but I'd really love to have a couple weeks or even a month of 2008 in which I'm not being devastated by the illness of the week.

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Did You Get What You Wanted?

As the Christmas Day festivities wound down and we settled into a quiet afternoon together, Liz asked me a question:

"Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?"

My thoughts flickered quickly across the warm and happy morning spent with my beautiful wife and daughter, singing songs, opening presents, cooking breakfast together, playing with the cats. The smiles on the faces of my two favorite ladies. Savoring old memories and making new ones. Being a family.

"Yeah," I said. "I did."

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Up for Air

Phew! It's been crazy busy the past couple of weeks. I can't believe I haven't had time to come up for (blog) air since before Halloween.

First of all, I'm happy to announce that after a lot of extra work on the weekends and evenings to get things wrapped up, AG's new custom photo card service is now live and ready to help you with your holiday card needs! I'm honestly very impressed with the product--the card designs are great, and they look fantastic on the high-quality paper they're printed on. Since I'm not AG's usual target demographic, it's rare for me to be this wowed by what we put together, but these are cards I'd want to buy and send. So, major congrats to everyone on my team and who's helped to bring this to life!

Claire's had her first cold, which has thrown the sleep schedule off a little bit during the day, but she's still sleeping through the night like a champ. She's graduated to a new size of diaper, and progressing happily (she's gained almost 40% of her birth weight already!). She's recently discovered that her legs are stronger than she thought; she really enjoys standing up while I steady her torso. And there are several more great photos over at my Flickr stream (again protected for her privacy).

It's hard to believe, but our anniversary's come around again already; it'll be seven years tomorrow. We'll celebrate with Champagne and caviar and a nice relaxing dinner in. Marriage has been quite an adventure so far, and it's just getting more interesting as it continues... One thing that's abundantly clear is that sharing my life with Liz has simply been the best. :-)

Off to check on Claire--it's time to eat and play again!

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The Story of Fourteen and Thirty-Two

Originally uploaded by mikepirnat.
I threw out a couple of numbers in the original announcement that seemed somewhat off, and a few curious folks wanted to know what the scoop was. So, finally, I'm stealing a few minutes to explain the mysterious, divergent numbers.

Thirty-two hours is the time that elapsed between Liz's water breaking on Sunday the Ninth and the baby arriving on Monday the Tenth. The short version is that, once we got to the hospital, the on-call doc didn't want to get things revved up right away (probably she didn't want to have to come in for late night activities on a Sunday), so we got delayed a bit by the JV squad, and by late Sunday night the contractions had stopped (probably because of the level of "comfort" afforded by being planted in a hospital bed for twelve hours and told not to go anywhere).

Our regular OB, however, was eager to get the show on the road (trying to head off chances of infection), so the induction process was started at Eight AM on Monday, and we had a lovely, screaming baby by Ten o'clock that night--thus the fourteen hour measurement, and my use of phrases like "once it got rolling for real."

One other temporal measurement of mild interest is twenty-five minutes, the time that elapsed between the 6.5 and almost-10 centimeter measurements, during which the opportunity for Liz to have any painkillers whatsoever vanished.

Yes, that's right--Liz pushed out our whopper of a little girl, in a furious and intense labor, without any happy drugs.

Have I mentioned that I'm in awe of my wife?

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Heck Yeah

Dang, it's suddenly turning out to be a great week! In brief:

  • After a couple miserable days of near-100-degree temperatures, the weather has cooled off and is now downright awesome.
  • Got my monitor back from Apple (no thanks to DHL, who apparently don't even believe in leaving slips at the door when they ignore the "no one will be home between X and Y, please deliver when it will actually make sense to do so" instructions). It's all fixed and happy, and now the cats have a new box to play with. It really is amazing how much better the ACD is than the old 19" monitor I'd been using in its stead...
  • I totally aced the infant CPR course we did last night. Plus, since everyone else was either too timid or too cool to do the "say stuff out loud along with the script" part of the training, my long-dormant inner theater geek had an excellent opportunity to ham it up loudly, to the amusement of all. Thought for today: "The scene is safe!"
  • This is the week that I finally have cleared enough off of my plate at work to dig into fixing the crapton of problems on our new site that are Safari-specific. It was an uphill battle for a few days, but this afternoon I finally had the "eureka!" moment of complete enlightenment and discovered the one bug in the JavaScript framework we're using that seems to be the lynchpin holding everything up. With what's literally a one-line change, close to twenty really horribly broken things on our site suddenly and miraculously work. Huzzah! I'll probably have something more on this once I get the legal OK from work to the disclose details of that portion of my brain...
  • We had a major project launch and data conversion that started last night at midnight... and for the first time in forever, I didn't have to do anything to support it. No being online from home, no camping out in the office, no having to monkey with it in the morning, nothing. After seven years of driving in at two or three in the morning, I can't describe how great that feels to just not have to worry about it. :-)
  • Liz kicked ass on her most recent papers! You go, girl!
  • The window's open, the sunset was lovely, the breeze is delightful, good music on the ol' MP3 player, and a cold beer. Ahhh, bliss.

I'm not entirely sure whether recent events are karma's equivalent of the cash-back bonus, or if I've just taken out a karma-equity loan that'll eventually catch up to me, but for now I'm just going to enjoy feeling happy.

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Awesomeness in the Absence of Awesomeness

Three cheers for my amazing wife, who this morning kicked my ass, made me go work out, and called Apple while I was taking out my frustration on the elliptical machine. She is a saint for putting up with me when I'm being a whiny little bitch (fairly infrequent these days, but still happens now and then).

After going through all of the standard stuff with Liz (to no avail), Apple scheduled an appointment for us, so this afternoon gets a surprise road trip with the MacPro. Let's just hope my precious doesn't have to be at the shop for too long... Either way, my computer-related plans for the weekend are pretty much shot.

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