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Validate (or Exterminate) My PyCon Talk

Let me tell you a secret: I'm terrified that my PyCon talk proposal hasn't been rejected yet.

It's not the idea of public speaking--I've spoken twice before at PyCon (more if you count lightning talks and the testing BoF), as well as presenting fairly regularly for our local user group and actually quite often on the job. Sure, I get butterflies before I go on, but I've gotten so used to them that if we aren't friends by now, we're at least colleagues.

I think what I'm most worried about is having the time and focus to put the talk together at all. Or at least in a way that doesn't suck. Between now and PyCon, I'll be juggling work, attending CodeMash, family, helping run our annual Hack Day event, work, my wife's travel schedule, work, trying to revive From Python Import Podcast, and more work... And I'm trying to fix my goofy sleep schedule. And I need to get back on an exercise plan. And I really only proposed the talk at all because of Jesse Noller's tweeted laments about the low numbers of talk submissions (and now there are too many). And probably a million other excuses...

I want to make sure I can do justice to the idea--an exhibition of sinfully bad code (my own, as well as any volunteered samples) to serve as a negative example. But if I'm not careful it could turn into 45 minutes of saying "Go read Clean Code". And I'd be a hypocrite if it did, since I'm only halfway through the book myself. I want this talk to be valuable.

And I really don't want to take away someone else's opportunity to shine. I'd rather have someone give their first PyCon talk than have a third turn myself. I'd rather go to someone else's kick-ass presentation than waste my audience's time.

So, if there's anybody out there, talk me down from the ledge. Convince me to either hit this out of the park or gracefully bow out and let somebody else have a shot.

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