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Disney Cruise Part Six

BTO E-H 10.30 037

Awoke to find ourselves docking in Cozumel, Mexico. We hit the buffet for breakfast again and joined up with our shore excursion group to disembark for the day. The dock empties into a shopping center which bridges the busy roadway, and we were challenged to remain with the group amid all the crowd and distractions of the market. I particularly enjoyed the woman who yelped in alarm as a "statue" of Davy Jones suddenly came to life.

But the best moment here was when Claire, upon seeing a shop full of duty-free tequila bottles, pointed and shouted, "That's for you, Mommy! That's for you!"

Once we'd gotten across the street, we boarded a taxi that whisked us out of the city and off to Chankanaab National Park. Liz and Claire got their pictures taken with parrots and iguanas (at $5 a pop, disclosed after I had already shot a few photos--welcome to Mexico).

Then it was time to put on life vests and get in the water for our dolphin encounter! I've always wanted to meet a dolphin, at least for as long as I can remember, so this was a great experience for me, and I was thrilled to be able to share it with Liz and Claire. I'm not sure words can do it justice, so instead I'm glad we took a lot of photos. Claire fussed quite a bit while we were in the water, but she spent the rest of the day talking about how she'd met a dolphin, so I think this will probably be an important memory for her.

When our encounter was done, we weren't really excited about hanging out in Cozumel any more than we needed to, so we taxiied back to the dock and had a late lunch aboard the Magic.

There were at least five cruise ships in port today, and I have to admit that the Disney ship was the classiest, prettiest one. Everything else--Carnival, Norwegian, Celebrity--seemed stuck in the all-white, Love Boat styling that I just don't find very appealing. Disney was wise to go with the traditional color scheme and double-stack design; it really connects you to that feeling of being on a classic liner.

It was pirate night tonight; guests and crew alike don pirate garb and have a gigantic party up on the top decks, which culminates in a huge fireworks display. Sadly, Claire missed her first chance at seeing fireworks--she passed out in Liz's arms about ten minutes before the show. I enjoyed wandering around solo for a bit to shoot photos before turning in late.

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