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Disney Cruise Part Five


At Grand Cayman today. Claire went to the kids' club while Liz and I tendered ashore for our Sea Trek excursion. Amused to discover that Becky, our Sea Trek guide, is from Berea--we're practically neighbors, in the scheme of things.

Sea Trek involves wearing a special diving helmet and descending 25-30 feet beneath the waves to walk on the ocean floor. The experience is absolutely astounding--tapping deep into my astronaut fantasy, it's about as close as I'll ever get to walking on another planet. Getting ready to get in the water is kind of nerve-wracking, but once I was in the water it was pure bliss. I really, really hope the photos on our waterproof cameras turn out, as words just can't do justice to the experience of being at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by fish, exploring an environment unlike any I'd ever encountered...

Liz went back to the ship while I stayed ashore a little while. I sat at the bar at Hammerhead's and drank a Caybrew lager, a pleasant little beer that reminds me a lot of Hofbrau. Turns out the brewmaster is German, so I guess the resemblance is only natural.

Back aboard, tonight's show was "Villains Tonight", in which Hades has to prove that he's evil enough to rule the underworld by, uh, bringing out a series of villains to sing their trademark songs. The concept and plot were a little weak, but the ample pop culture jokes kept me entertained enough to survive the experience. We especially enjoyed the villain and sidekick duos performing "The Wind Beneath My Wings"--a trainwreck of snark and schmaltz that's impossible to look away from, and equally impossible to resist giggling at.

Another tasty dinner at Lumiere's. Seems like that's what we have the most of in our rotation.

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