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Disney Cruise Part Four


The first full sea day today. Smooth sailing. I hardly notice that I'm on a ship, except for the bloody great big ocean gliding by outside the window.

We could see Cuba out our port-side stateroom for most of the day, which is probably as close a look as I'll ever get.

The kiddo seems to be adjusting pretty well to shipboard life. She's loving meeting all the Disney characters, getting her picture taken, and filling up her autograph book. And she's really excited to hang out in the Oceaneer's Club where she can play, work on crafts, and have fun with other kids.

Went to the big show tonight. "Twice Charmed" is a do-over of the Cinderella story, beginning with the defeat of the evil step-mother and step-sisters, and backtracking as they make a bargain with a wicked fairy godfather to have another shot at ruining Cinderella's life. It was cute, and well-executed. Musical theatre's not really my thing, but I do like to nerd out on technical stuff, like the combination of projected animation and live actors, or the exciting black-and-white-to-color scene.

Dinner at Lumiere's, the "Beauty and the Beast"-themed restaurant. Tasty as usual.

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