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Disney Cruise Part Three


Arrived shortly after sunrise at Castaway Cay, Disney's private Bahamian island. Took a bunch of photos as we tied up, then got the family through the breakfast buffet upstairs, and then ashore.

We took the tram over to the beach, which meant we missed meeting Jack Sparrow (meh). Took a walk through the kids' area and found it largely uninteresting, so we buggered off to the shops and then the beach to go splash in the water. Liz did a bit of snorkeling while I dug in the sand with Claire, burying and then unearthing her various sand toys.

The weather is nothing short of fantastic, and the clear, shimmering water is equally wonderful. Perfect!

Surprisingly tasty lunch on the island--the fresh fruit station was a real treat!

Watched a couple rounds of crab races. The crab we sponsored--dubbed "Sweetie" by the kiddo--won its heat but failed to place during the final round.

Then back to the ship to chill out, hang at the kids' club, and enjoy the ship while it was still quiet with everyone ashore.

Dinner at Palo, the adults-only dining room up on Deck 10. Presumably the view would have been better if we'd been there before dark, but the late fall doesn't afford that luxury. Dinner was marvelous, and paired very, very well with the 1997 Brunello that Liz had brought for the occasion. Had great conversations with our waitress, the wine guy, and the restaurant manager.

Smooth sailing today--looks like we got through the worst of it last night.


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