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Disney Cruise Part One


It's finally here! It's finally time!

We had incredibly long and slow lines at security (seriously, I've never seen CLE so busy!), but luckily didn't have to go through the new backscatter scanners or submit to the "enhanced" pat-down. Barely had time to eat breakfast before boarding.

Big surprise in coach class--DirecTV and power outlets! Kiddo spent the whole flight watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora, and her other animated friends, which meant Liz and I managed to get some pleasant cat naps. I almost wished I had some practical reason to get out my laptop to take advantage of the power outlet, but couldn't bring myself to invent one.

Once in Orlando, Happy Limo whisked us smoothly away to Port Canaveral, with a quick stop to pick up some snacks and wine.

Got all checked into the Radisson and really started to relax and shift into vacation mode--poolside lunch and margaritas FTW. Spent a fair amount of the afternoon splashing around in the pool, then detoured across the parking lot to Kelsey's for carryout pizza.

Got the kid to sleep after a few false starts and then prepared for the next stage of our adventure. So excited that it's hard to sleep!

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