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Ten Years

Today (technically yesterday at this point, I suppose) was my ten year anniversary at AG Interactive.

I'm frankly astounded that it's been so long, so soon.

Once upon a time, there was a 23-year-old version of me, leaving behind the miseries of being an IBM road warrior to sling code for an internet startup with its sights set on an IPO, where lunches were free and the foosball was fast and furious. I was psyched to be able to see both my fianceé and the inside of my apartment on a daily basis. I was a Perl zealot, but willing and curious to learn Python (in spite of my perception that it Just Wasn't That Great).

Since then I've fallen out of love with Perl (she was nuts, man!) and found that Python might in fact be my soul mate of programming languages. We didn't IPO, the free lunches have long since passed, and I don't play nearly as much foosball as I used to, but the culture's still a lot of fun. (At the very least, daily finger missile battles keep us on our toes!) The apartment has been upgraded to a house, the fianceé to wife (that's another ten year anniversary coming up soon!), and we've added cats and a kid to the domestic mix.

All in all, it's been a decent ten years. I just can't believe they happened so fast!

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