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Tweeted on 2009-11-24

  • @mw44118 my wii mostly gathers dust; my 360 gets at least one or two good sessions each week. in reply to mw44118 #
  • This morning is totally awesome. Also, it is opposite day. #
  • RT @Aquamindy: RT @MuppetNewsflash: The Muppets sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" -- | Beyond epic!! #
  • I really never needed to see Woz teabag a scantily clad dancer on national TV. Alas, what has been seen cannot be unseen! #
  • Any recommendations for offsite/network backup providers for the Mac? #
  • Ooo ooo, my Tauntaun sleeping bag shipped!! #
  • @dgou going to hang onto the wii; my daughter is starting to be interested in gaming, so maybe starting her on it in coming months. Sorry! in reply to dgou #

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