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Tweeted on 2009-11-09

  • Oh, sure, *now* the site of my flu shot decides to hurt... #
  • RT @mcantor: Replacing $100k diagnostic chip with hand-fabricated Shrinky Dink molds - | Too cool! #
  • @dmw7 There's no such thing as "too early to go home." in reply to dmw7 #
  • Can I blame my intense desire to nap on the flu shot? (I think I shall anyway.) #
  • .@mhebrank That's not an argument, that's just contradiction. in reply to mhebrank #
  • .@mhebrank Yes it is. in reply to mhebrank #
  • .@mcantor Please don't interrupt us when we're twittering classic Monty Python routines. in reply to mcantor #
  • So, Chase wants to stop sending me statements, but still charge me late fees and randomly assess finance charges on paid balances? Buh-bye. #
  • Starting to plan next year's anniversary travel... #

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