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Tweeted on 2009-09-21

  • In praise of corridors: #
  • @meyerweb Police and fire departments are socialized too, put them on the chopping block while we're at it! in reply to meyerweb #
  • @meyerweb I had a moment of panic there where I thought it might not actually be satire. I think I might need the T-shirt... in reply to meyerweb #
  • .@Aquamindy Surely you mean an escaped convict? in reply to Aquamindy #
  • Just exploded a fresh mind with the "where's the missile" audio... :-) #
  • Converted kiddo's crib to toddler bed; she's all snuggled up and going to sleep... Let's hope she does okay tonight! #
  • @mcrute TW still fails on the web for me. I get a snail mail ad, go to the site, they refer me to who refers me to TW. in reply to mcrute #
  • @mcrute No, i'm too lazy. And still debating TW vs. Wow (Wow claims they have a 15MB/2MB package...). in reply to mcrute #
  • @sadukie @mcrute Wow is really that much better? I don't know their rep; name seems goofy. But I hear mixed/bad things about TW. in reply to sadukie #
  • @meyerweb I *dream* of only being 89 photos behind on Flickr uploads... in reply to meyerweb #
  • Finally pulled the trigger; in with Wow, out with AT&T sippy-cup DSL! Still, I can't help but think: #
  • Q: What is the difference between Bird Flu and Swine Flu? A: For bird flu you need tweetment and for swine flu you need oinkment. (Har har.) #

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