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Tweeted on 2009-09-17

  • @ttrygve Give a shout when you pick up the 360; the online play is pretty good. :-) in reply to ttrygve #
  • My "svnwtf" alias has never been more true than this morning. :-( #
  • Ugh, sinus headache not helping today's already low level of awesome. #
  • Just when I thought FF3.5 was a giant steaming turd of a browser, I get to fix an IE8 problem, and proper perspective is regained. #
  • @pperon Funny, I swear a lot less at my "preening tossers" than I do at my "loveable rubbish". in reply to pperon #
  • Thinking about proposing a PyCon talk of examples of evil/wrong code and how to make it shinier. Convince me it's a good or bad idea. #

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