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Tweeted on 2009-09-15

  • Wow, we made #19 on the InformationWeek 500 most innovative tech companies! #
  • PLUS a project I did is mentioned in the IW article, *and* it's my art that got used: #
  • Having done some tasting in the Mosel, I find plans to tear it up for a bridge quite upsetting: #
  • iPod alpha-by-song-title has hit the "Main Title" section... This should be fun! #
  • Just saw my AGI Hack Day logo in print in the new issue of Information Week. Nice ego boost for the afternoon! :-D #
  • Phew! Tasty but starting to take their toll: #
  • Excellent alpha-by-song segue: Phoenyx "March of Cambreadth" -> Nine Inch Nails "March of the Pigs" #
  • Dang, I totally failed to leave by 6:30... :-( #
  • @evilmonk It's hearing things like that makes me glad I don't run Linux at home any more. :-/ in reply to evilmonk #
  • Battle Bears for the iPhone seems to hit right in that sweet spot of "wrong" and "awesome" that I really enjoy. #

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