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Tweeted on 2009-09-09

  • .@mcrute Thanks for the Java Preferences tip; Aventail VPN is happy for me again and I can now install 10.6 willy-nilly on all my Macs. :-) in reply to mcrute #
  • @mcrute Actually don't think I've got any SIMBL plugins since my original Leopard upgrade killed a bunch; FF seems to have probs though. :-/ in reply to mcrute #
  • I love a little apocalypse in the morning. Always fun. #
  • @mcrute I take that back--Aventail is flaking out on me again; some thing work, some don't, and now it won't finish reconnecting. in reply to mcrute #
  • @mcrute It worked briefly, then started basically failing all the DNSy stuff. in reply to mcrute #
  • DO NOT BUY the Beatles Rock Band "value pack" unless you want 1st-generation guitar and drums (which I don't). #beatlesrockband #fail #
  • I guess AT&T had so much fun digging up my yard that the electric company got jealous; came home from lunch to find Bloody Great Hole mk 3. #
  • @mcrute Good question; how might I know? in reply to mcrute #
  • @mcrute Did the J2SE 5.0 dance and now VPN can connect again without totally dying. I can ssh etc by IP; name resolution still hosed. in reply to mcrute #
  • .@dgou Apparently AT&T nicked my neighbor's 220 line, so now there's more digging for that. Grass was just starting to grow in too. :-P in reply to dgou #
  • @holdenweb We have lives that are apparently enriched by keeping tabs on yours. I'm not sure whether this is creepy, awesome, or some mix. in reply to holdenweb #
  • @mcrute Yep, I've got as well. It works, just has no joy on name lookups. in reply to mcrute #
  • Let the record show that it was *not* daddy who introduced the kiddo to spraying Reddi-Wip directly into her mouth. #
  • @ColePaulson That's right, paying attention, working hard, listening to your elders, and personal responsibility are now un-American values. in reply to ColePaulson #
  • And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. (Played through Beatles Rock Band in one epic session, whee!) #
  • Beatles Rock Band nitpick #1: shouldn't a virtual Eric Clapton be playing on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"? #
  • Beatles Rock Band nitpick #2: the mix of "Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows" omits most of TNK, and it's one of my favorites! Arg! #

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