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Tweeted on 2009-09-08

  • Calendars freak me out: kiddo is 104 weeks old, but is not quite 2 years old. This feels like a bug in the universe. #
  • Another interesting alpha-by-song segue: Nirvana "Lithium" --> White Stripes "Little Acorns" #
  • Obama just told your kids that Han Solo shot first. #dealwithit #
  • Obama just told your kids how to install Ubuntu. #dealwithit #
  • Hell yes, it's time for some Lords of the Rhymes! #
  • Best part about going back to work after 3-day weekend: coming home to exuberant welcome from the kiddo. #
  • Obama just told your kids that Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. #dealwithit #
  • Obama just told your kids that Rosebud was the sled. #dealwithit #
  • RT @Kenny_Mayne: Dear School Principal: Yes, my children can listen to our president. The vote on that was in November. #
  • Taking the Snow Leopard plunge... See you on the other side! #
  • All shiny and ten-sixed on my desktop... So far so good? #
  • Dear Sonicwall: Aventail Connect is useless on 10.6. I'm not angry... just disappointed. #
  • @csitko ooh, you did not. Sounded like arcane ssl tunnel magicks and animal sacrifices were required. in reply to csitko #
  • @jeffpuckett So am I not your friend any more, or am I about to get served? :-/ in reply to jeffpuckett #

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