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Tweeted on 2009-09-07

  • Thinking it's time for an Advil smoothie. #
  • When asked if she knew what time it was, kiddo replied "Elmo time!" #
  • Put down mulch around the sandbox; looking pretty good now. Running out of manly daddy chores though. #
  • Looks like we missed the window for kiddo's nap today; we'll surely pay for that mistake for the rest of the day. #
  • Finally got around to fixing hammock altitude; this will surely bring about an immediate end to hammock season (sorry everybody). #
  • My 1TB Time Machine backup drive is finally full, which means I finally have to say goodbye to backups from fall 2007. #
  • Various Wordpress installs now all current and happy. Kind of disappointed I didn't get hit by the evil WP worm that's going around. #
  • @splee congrats and safe journeys! :-) in reply to splee #
  • @evil_fizz Did you see the wacky marketing campaign for Castle? It's getting its own ghostwritten Nikki Heat novel: in reply to evil_fizz #
  • RT @jeffpuckett: Just a reminder, kids. If you stay in school, set goals, and get an education, you're a socialist. #

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