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Tweeted on 2009-08-31

  • As much as dental checkups are no fun, I could totally nap in the chair all day if given the opportunity. #
  • Firefox 3.5 + compatible versions of Firebug = worst performance regression I have seen on any software in my entire life. #
  • Have been unexpectedly happy with iPod shuffle choices today; turns out it's doing all songs alphabetically by title, somewhere in the L's. #
  • Only problem with alpha-by-song is hitting a block of different versions of the same song; in this case, a 4th take on VNV Nation "Legion". #
  • Neat segue: John Williams "Leia's News/Light of the Force" -> KMFDM "Leid und Elend" #
  • @evil_fizz @Aquamindy I could possibly do lunch on Thursday if the timing works. in reply to evil_fizz #
  • Doing some Google Reader gardening--promoting some feeds, demoting others, ditching a few. #
  • @dmw7 btw you got some nice flower shots (meant to comment earlier but life is a strange blur of Lots of Work and Little Else). in reply to dmw7 #

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