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Tweeted on 2009-07-12

  • Clearly not nearly enough things had gone wrong thus far this weekend... #
  • Have accomplished a reasonable approximation of work goals for the weekend; looking forward to enjoying VNV Nation free of guilt. #
  • Ayria's set is pretty good so far, good beats. #vnvnation #
  • @mcrute that's why you should be here... :-P in reply to mcrute #
  • Congrats to Ayria for exceeding my expectations more than any opener I've seen before! #
  • War Tapes on stage... Sounds good so far! #
  • Singer wants to be Peter Murphy but is not bad at it. #
  • War Tapes does a pretty fine job at covering Love & Rockets too. #
  • Alas I've lost my really good spot. On the plus side, the men's room is remarkably clean. #
  • Wooooooooooooooot!!!!! #vnvnation #
  • Did Ronan just say we're getting an extra-long show?? #vnvnation #

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