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Tweeted on 2009-06-25

  • @Aquamindy Sounds like it's time to lower it that one last time... in reply to Aquamindy #
  • Dealership loaner car had empty gas tank; garage door doesn't want to open... Today rules. #
  • !@Aquamindy So when does "Kazaam 2" start filming? in reply to Aquamindy #
  • Best part of working from home: kiddo just brought me a popsicle. Awesome! #
  • @evil_fizz Good luck!! The fun will be started before you know it. :-) in reply to evil_fizz #
  • Oh great--as I suspected, the AC-related noise in my car is the compressor signaling its impending demise. #
  • When using formencode, how do I accept 1+ values of a particular type? Looking for a way to combine validators.Set with validators.Int. #
  • Belay that, lazyweb; Google is only my friend after I ask on Twitter for some reason. #
  • Lazyweb (or @ianbicking): how can I glue post-formencode-validated params back onto a webob Request? #
  • @ianbicking That's a good point. Better to convert post-validated dict into a MultiDict to maintain interface of req.params or leave as-is? in reply to ianbicking #
  • A bit behind schedule tonight, but at least managing to make the world a little bit better. So that's good, right? #
  • Anime about potty training... I'm both terrified and greatly amused. #
  • @dmw7 I know the feeling; I once had Don McLean's "American Pie" down cold--now all I can hear is the Weird Al version. in reply to dmw7 #

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