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Tweeted on 2009-06-24

  • New VNV Nation--"Of Faith, Power and Glory"--arrived today, most excellent. Will have a hard time listening to anything else this summer. #
  • Which reminds me, I meant to buy a ticket tonight... (Done!) Can't wait!! #
  • RT @jeffpuckett: #
  • @codeshaman Wow, you hadn't seen that before? There are even some implementations of it that'll convert Lolcode to <language> to run it. in reply to codeshaman #
  • As if Outlook isn't already a giant ball of fail... @msofficeus will still use Word to render emails. #
  • @pperon I think that somewhere around the 8-hour mark a meeting goes from "insanely long" to "unforgiveable." in reply to pperon #
  • I see now that two days of Javascript win were just the setup for today's descent into fail. I suspect that's been its plot all along. #

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