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Tweeted on 2009-06-22

  • @mhebrank I'd rather have this bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. in reply to mhebrank #
  • RT @siddfinch: Jon and Kate divorcing ... Jon to get own TV show: Kate Was Enough, to be aired every other weekend. #
  • Hmm, maybe the Flickr upload that's saturating my DSL pipe is what's making my VPN connection so slow. (Y'think?) #
  • Rediscovered Tangerine Dream's "The Dream Mixes" album, great for coding at night. (Last played in 2005 according to iTunes.) #
  • Kiddo is breaking my heart, yelling from down the hall: "Dad-dee, where *are* you?!" :-[ #
  • @benjaminws O RLY? in reply to benjaminws #

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