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Tweeted on 2009-06-20

  • @dgou I'm not holding my breath; they closed my ticket after draping a temp line across my lawn. in reply to dgou #
  • Freshly shorn, I'm now off to do battle with code. Once more unto the breach! #
  • Holy crap, @codeshaman was right about the complete lack of AC. Faaaaaaaaaail.... in reply to codeshaman #
  • Lesson learned: Chipotle crunchy tacos do not stay that way for long. #mykingdomforafork #
  • Taking all my willpower to keep myself from blasting Glenn Frey's "The Heat is On" to make me feel better about the lack of AC. #
  • OH: "If you could only sign a wiki page in blood." - @mcrute #
  • @benjaminws writing Python code in mid-air = Snakes on a Plane? in reply to benjaminws #
  • .@benjaminws At Pycon a few years ago, @jacobian was suggesting chartering a flight for a midair con and calling it Snakes on a Plane. :-) in reply to benjaminws #
  • @evilmonk Oooh, good ideas. I would also accept My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult's "'Cuz It's Hot". in reply to evilmonk #
  • Time for well-deserved beverages. #

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