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Tweeted on 2009-06-14

  • Fixed my blog (after a failed auto-upgrade to WP2.8). Yes, I'm sure this is earth-shattering news to someone somewhere. #
  • @hunterzzz Yeah it was my first try with the dashboard auto-upgrade, and probably also my last. ;-) in reply to hunterzzz #
  • Did not expect the big THX thing at the beginning of the Winnie the Pooh DVD. #
  • Kiddo is at-- #
  • Introducing kiddo to baseball at the Lake Erie Crushers game. Admittedly feeling a little gooey in a manly dad way. #
  • It's amazing how something as simple as a baseball game can make lousy beer taste *great*. #
  • I would love to stop writing Javascript... RT @gvanrossum: "Python in the browser" idea gets a new life: #
  • I do like having wifi on the back porch; I probably need to step it up and throw a directional antenna into the mix for hammock coverage. #
  • My Pycon 2006 conference badge looks like something that probably shouldn't have just gone through the wash. #
  • Stymied while trying to get some work done to get a leg up on the coming week. *sigh* #

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