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Tweeted on 2009-06-07

  • Feeling abnormally run-down and awful this morning. Ugh. #
  • cat /dev/good_mojo | @benjaminws in reply to benjaminws #
  • Astonished: my wife has memorized the Wonder Pets song about the puppy that has to pee. #
  • Kiddo has totally rejected the pool today in favor of eating ridiculous amounts of scrambled eggs. In other news, she likes hot sauce. #
  • Submitting trouble ticket to ATT for noise on my landline; last time this happened they killed my nice DSL. Wonder what will happen now? #
  • Oh boy, it's sleep rebellion time again at our house... #
  • I think if I had a choice between "shoot self in the face" and "sit through the Shrek musical", I'd sign right up for the bullet wound. #

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