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Tweeted on 2009-06-01

  • Mike's Monday meeting marathon begins...... now. #
  • Mike's Monday meeting marathon has now concluded. Time to try to actually do something. #
  • @UncleGramps 3-part harmony is exploding my brain, but what I really want to know is.... export?? I want to mix Beatles into my regular RB! in reply to UncleGramps #
  • @UncleGramps Abbey Road is good, but not my favorite overall album. Fingers crossed for "Dear Prudence" (which I am madly in love with). in reply to UncleGramps #
  • @UncleGramps Is the implication of the 3-part harmony that you can actually have all 3 guitars going at once too? in reply to UncleGramps #
  • @UncleGramps Do you think we'll get the "...Naked" version of the Let It Be album, or the originally-released Phil Spector version? in reply to UncleGramps #
  • @UncleGramps Speaking of RB, ping me if you want to play online sometime. I mostly play guitar & bass, suck at drums, will sing when drunk. #
  • Yay, one less crappy, DIY vaporware project for me to have to write: #
  • Under 400 of my France vacation photos still to review... Making progress! #
  • Finally all caught up on reviewing & rating photos from Feb trip to France, have mostly edited down to what I want to upload... #

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