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Tweeted on 2009-05-28

  • Power just went out. I love shutting off noisy UPS alarms at 3 am by iPhone light. *sigh* #
  • Took forever to get back to sleep, then had recurring bad dream, then woke up early for dentist. Today is gonna be swell! #
  • Looking forward to @dstanek setting up the talk review process for #pyohio so that I can review talks. :-) in reply to dstanek #
  • Congrats to @oogby on being named runner up for the Jennifer Ann game contest. Nice work! in reply to oogby #
  • Off to meet wife & kiddo for early hibachi dinner. Cling-a-cling-clang, FWOOSH!! #
  • Sushi instead of hibachi; kiddo still loved it. :-) #
  • Think I'm going to give up on watching the #cavs throw away another epic lead and find something useful to do. #
  • KICK ASS! -> RT @benjaminws: jabbercat lives, and is catting to jabber. #
  • I am willing to credit the #Cavs' win tonight to my abandonment to go noodle around with photos. You're welcome, Cleveland. :-) #
  • "Barf-o-rama, they've been *drinking*!" #

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