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Tweeted on 2009-05-26

  • Failing the whole build because pylint didn't like my unit tests (omg! You did stuff in setup, how dare you!) seems like overkill. #
  • @mcantor I dream of getting anywhere even close to 40k miles on one set of tires. In under 65k miles, I've put on at least 7 or 8 new pairs. in reply to mcantor #
  • @mcantor @mhebrank How about salary based on Digg-ish moderation? Upvote an email/code commit to increase pay, downvote to reduce it. in reply to mcantor #
  • Amusing ourselves to death? #
  • Think I'm not going to download the Ministry pack for Rock Band after all; the charting looks insane, and I just don't enjoy that much pain. #

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