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Tweeted on 2009-05-17

  • Trek was good, but suffers from the same lack of genuine jeopardy that plagues the Star Wars prequels. #
  • Also I still say the new Enterprise has an unattractive underbite--get that girl some starship braces! #
  • @dmw7 even with a rebooted continuity where technically anything could happen, you know nothing will since it'd spoil the relaunch. Yawn! in reply to dmw7 #
  • Having problems with, substituting back-images from I Can Has Cheezburger to significant kiddo delight #
  • @benjaminws When you get a chance, push your Jabbercat stuff up to Bitbucket... and I would love commit access if you're ok with that. :-) in reply to benjaminws #
  • Getting the Led out. Awwww yeah. #
  • @benjaminws Awesome, thanks. in reply to benjaminws #
  • @benjaminws I'm on Google Talk... I can be on irc in a matter of moments if you want. in reply to benjaminws #
  • The feeling I get when I quit the "Aventail Connect" app is a poor stand-in for that "activated out of office in Outlook" feeling. *sigh* #
  • @ttrygve Wait until Wii Fit starts being all condescending and passive-agressive. Smug little jerk... in reply to ttrygve #
  • @evil_fizz The worst is when it tells you to "step on" and then gives an uncomfortable "oh!" of disappointed surprise. in reply to evil_fizz #
  • Trying to stop myself before I go off on a full-on rant about my deeper-than-I-realized antipathy for the Wii Fit. *deep breath* #
  • Changing the subject: "Cat Piano" is the Best. iPhone app. Ever. Meow! :-) #
  • @benjaminws Do you have to put up with the little kids who do nothing but play Lazer Tag all day? They're hard to hit, and bad winners. in reply to benjaminws #
  • @ttrygve ...and that's pretty much why the Fit just gathers dust now. in reply to ttrygve #
  • @benjaminws Pushed you some jabbercat tweaks; having a hard time getting your tests running so it might be a little busted. in reply to benjaminws #

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