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Tweeted on 2009-05-15

  • WTF: Boy Scouts being trained for border patrol, counterterrorism: #
  • @ttrygve Link seems busted. :-( in reply to ttrygve #
  • Had mind-blowingly good burger. Am now trying to decide between food coma and heart attack as my next move. #
  • Highly-appropriate follow-up to my lunch: Scalzi's interview with a stick of butter: #
  • Kiddo just used the potty for the first time--hooray!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • @dstanek The problem with common sense is that it isn't. in reply to dstanek #
  • @benjaminws Dude, I should have mentioned Jabbercat ages ago if you're gonna code it for me! :-) in reply to benjaminws #
  • Strange things are afoot: cops, fire trucks, and bomb squad at the end of our block... WTF? #
  • Fire & rescue on scene: #
  • Police & folks waiting around; they've evacuated houses & blocked off the road: #
  • News folks are getting set up to broadcast: #
  • I love that a group of kids had pizza delivered to the scene... #
  • And now it's movie night at our place for all the neighborhood kids. :-) #
  • Word is 8 "softball sized" devices and at least one pipe bomb. There goes the neighborhood! #
  • Had a surprisingly fun night meeting neighbors, hanging out. We should have bomb scares more often! #

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