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Tweeted on 2009-05-14

  • How is it possible to accumulate so much email overnight? #
  • RT @benjaminws: I suppose literacy is not a prerequisite for salad prep. #
  • @bobnoss Glad no one was hurt--how bad was the damage? in reply to bobnoss #
  • Every so often I rediscover the awesomeness that is The Langley Schools Music Project #
  • @meyerweb "World Have Your Say" is an interesting concept, which, in execution, drives me completely up the wall. in reply to meyerweb #
  • @mcantor Wow, it's like Pascal on steroids! in reply to mcantor #
  • @mcantor "Big, yet small. Fast, but slow. Red, yet blue." Or as @meyerweb might put it, "corporate, but with a sense of fun." in reply to mcantor #
  • @benjaminws Now you're just being silly. in reply to benjaminws #
  • @benjaminws Does it come with a bonus paring knife or something? "But wait, there's more!" in reply to benjaminws #
  • Getting under half my rated DSL speed. For $5/month more, it might be time to look at ala carte cable modem service instead. Pros/cons? #
  • Not fair: I'm trying to get homework done, wife puts on "Serenity". NOT FAIR AT ALL. #
  • Wait, how did I not know that Howard the Duck finally came out on DVD? #
  • Wait, how is Howard the Duck on Amazon's "kids & family" top picks list? #
  • I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar... #

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