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Tweeted on 2009-05-13

  • RT @ScottHepburn: OMG! I'm in a bar and can only hear conversations between people I know! It's so quiet! This place is lame...I'm leaving. #
  • Someone will have to update now... @twitter, #FIXIT already! #
  • @mcantor It's not a "default" if you can't change it. #fixit in reply to mcantor #
  • Wife, stirring in her sleep, muttered: "What's the matter with you? The mirror doesn't work!" Did I get bitten by a vampire & not notice? #
  • Woke up looking like the scary dude from Prodigy. Not a good sign... #
  • >@dstanek unless we all follow @hidetweet! :-) in reply to dstanek #
  • RT @nprnews: Now on NPR's All Tech Considered blog: Twitter Feels The Fail For Changing Its Feed. / @acarvin #
  • >@benjaminws @mhebrank If you're going to have stalkers, you might as well make sure you only have the really *dedicated* ones. in reply to benjaminws #
  • @garybernhardt Seems like it doesn't help only when replying via the official web interface; typing it or using a client should be OK, no? in reply to garybernhardt #
  • @garybernhardt Stupid clients, doing stuff correctly. That's lame. I call continued #twitterfail shenanigans. in reply to garybernhardt #
  • @meyerweb I think I am in violent agreement with you--it's about each user's choice (or lack of!) about how Twitter works best for them. in reply to meyerweb #
  • "The hammer of justice is unisex." #batmanisawesome #
  • Reading the booklet that came with "Reformation 01" and had serious nerdgasm when Ronan dropped a Hitchhiker's Guide reference. #vnvnation #
  • La la la la la la la.... #
  • Arrrrgh!!!! Next season of Lost can't come soon enough!!! 8-0 #

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