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Tweeted on 2009-05-10

  • @benbangert Really was hoping that the pylonshq docs would be clearer for a noob such as myself to grok quickly. in reply to benbangert #
  • @benbangert Skimming docs, seems like I should have just gone straight there instead of getting lost in pylonshq. Thanks! in reply to benbangert #
  • @splee Haven't tried it. Not a big fan of spending right now, and never of ads. Have been OK with Twhirl but want to try others. in reply to splee #
  • Kiddo opted out of napping this afternoon.... Happy Mother's Day! :-P #
  • Taking a break from the process of reconciling estimates with new requirements, partly to stretch, partly to relieve headache. #
  • Diabolical Panda is in your garden, plotting your doom: #
  • @danmiller3 The mind boggles at the absurdity of your airline situation. It might actually cause my brain to explode--does not compute! in reply to danmiller3 #
  • Bottle of J Cuvee 20, snuggly cat, and "Flash of Genius" have conspired to undermine my Sunday night workaholism. #

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