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Tweeted on 2009-05-07

  • @mcantor Send him a patch, already, and make Mock better for everyone! in reply to mcantor #
  • RT @dangoor: Extremely excited about OpenID in the browser, Great work Dan, Myk, Toby! (via @dalmaer) #
  • @dstanek is evangelizing software craftsmanship; good stuff, @coreyhaines would be pleased. #
  • @meyerweb If they sell dead critter at Whole Foods, I don't see why you can't also wear dead critter there. in reply to meyerweb #
  • Triple inheritance, oh my! I just threw up a little in my mouth. And then told the person next to me that I was going to Twitter about it, #
  • Having a hard time believing that with all my geek friends there's still no plan afoot to go see Star Trek. I'm disappointed, guys. #
  • @pperon That's it. I'm bringing Wrath of Khan tomorrow, commandeering a conference room, and clearing our schedules. in reply to pperon #
  • Whoa, the Crocker Park movie theatre got a DLP screen? And Star Trek is on it? Excellent!! #

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