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Tweeted on 2009-04-28

  • Hmm. I probably shouldn't have stayed up super-late working on playlists for @Aquamindy. (Both of us should know better...) #
  • @siddfinch Either way, Foreigner can help you watch our for symptoms--hot blooded? Fever of 103? Hmm, go see a doctor. in reply to siddfinch #
  • @siddfinch Failing that, try Dr. Feelgood; apparently he's the one that makes you feel all right. in reply to siddfinch #
  • @mcantor thermacare heat wraps are lifesavers; get some if you as able. in reply to mcantor #
  • Last night, kiddo hit Rock Band drums in time to Journey while I played guitar. Totally awesome. Next: teaching her to throw the goat! \m/ #
  • Great--my eyelid twitch has mutated into a full-on right-side-of-my-face twitch. This should make life ever so much more pleasant. #
  • So tomorrow is the 100th day of Obama's presidency *and* the 100th episode of Lost. Coincidence?! #

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