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Tweeted on 2009-04-22

  • Pandora really needs Tivo-like double/triple thumbs up/down ratings. "Pretty Hate Machine"-era NIN is PERFECT for late-night homework! #
  • @chrisleech Try the live version of Orbital's "Halcyon + On + On" that does some amazing mashing of YGLaBN with Belinda Carlyle... :-) in reply to chrisleech #
  • Oh, snap! Take that, Strunk & White! #
  • Love driving my car, but its habit of doing bad things to tires is really getting old. #
  • Finally paired my iphone with my appletv (and there is much rejoicing...). #
  • Does Lost know that @aschulak is on vacation? Recap episodes are so full of fail.... #

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