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Tweeted on 2009-04-19

  • Now to try to come down from too much Rock Band in time to get a little sleep. Morning is going to suuuuuuck.... #
  • @benjaminws Right, what I meant was *which* malt it was: highland, islay, etc. Am trying to start matching reccs to what I understand. in reply to benjaminws #
  • Kiddo has decided that the waterslide is fun rather than scary. She didn't want to stop today! #
  • Dad apparently in car accident while avoiding an animal on the highway. Happy that he's okay, glad it wasn't his old deathtrap car. #
  • @garybernhardt @mw44118 Would I be too far out on a limb if I suggested DDD (Design-Driven Development)? in reply to garybernhardt #
  • Paid bills while listening to blues CDs acquired on #pycon trip; seems appropriate. #
  • @coreyhaines @garybernhardt Well, crap. 1-now I'm annoyed by overabundance of TLAs, and 2-I have revealed my ignorance for all to see. in reply to coreyhaines #
  • @benjaminws You missed everyone else having an insightful conversation and me failing to realize that TLAs are over-allocated already. in reply to benjaminws #
  • @gvanrossum @sadukie +1 for the Fisher Price camera (if kids are smaller); I've heard good things about it and plan to eventually get one. in reply to gvanrossum #

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