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Tweeted on 2009-04-18

  • Wife encouraged me to go out with coworkers to unwind at end of the week... 9 hours later I'm wondering whether that was such a great idea. #
  • @csitko you should have come out tonight... Beer Engine was nuts. Good times, if you weren't the dude who fell on his head and bled a lot. in reply to csitko #
  • Facts that I know but somehow don't grok: 7 AM arrives swiftly; I am not young any more; it's a long way to naptime. #
  • @mhebrank Guy at the next table decided to climb over the patio fence rather than go around, then went straight down onto his head.... in reply to mhebrank #
  • @mhebrank ...then he staggered out into the street, took off his shirt, pressed it to his head, and went to go lie down by his car... in reply to mhebrank #
  • @mhebrank ...eventually the crowd persuaded one of his friends to take him to the hospital. It was epic. in reply to mhebrank #
  • Beautiful first day of the farm market: kiddo loved meeting sheep, alpacas, and buying an apple. Cute photos might have been taken too. :-) #
  • Have had an amazingly great day with the kiddo. Familial happiness abounds. :-) #
  • @mcrute Unso! The pie is NOT a lie: in reply to mcrute #
  • @benjaminws what malt is that? in reply to benjaminws #

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