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Tweeted on 2009-04-17

  • Unheard of: I was at inbox 0 when I left last night... and still at inbox 0 when I arrived this morning. I don't know how to react. #
  • @bethdean Thanks, me and my irrational fear of anything with more than 4 limbs are going to go hide now. *shudder* in reply to bethdean #
  • @dstanek Taken to its logical conclusion, @LeoLaporte will now unfollow you for RTing that. in reply to dstanek #
  • I love that mysterious people randomly leave Star Wars tschotschkes at my desk. #
  • IE stacking contexts may be a bitch, but now they're MY bitch. Thanks to #
  • REO Speedwagon *and* Styx next week? Rock Band DLC, all is forgiven! (Hmm, no "Come Sail Away" though? Really?) #
  • I'm not angry, XPlanner... Just disappointed. #
  • @UncleGramps Or it's just the tip of the licensing iceberg... fingers crossed for "Styx Pack 02"! in reply to UncleGramps #
  • At Beer Engine for Hopfest; it's important to enunciate carefully and loudly--ordered a Hop Sun, got a Hop Slam. Very different beers! #
  • Crap. How'd it get this late? #

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