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Tweeted on 2009-04-14

  • Hmm. TwitterTools seems to have lost its blog-to-tweet mojo for me. Will have to fix that... later. #
  • @dstanek The comment about "Did you get to certify Guido as having Python readability?" cracked me up. in reply to dstanek #
  • I think I've officially reached my pizza capacity for the week. #
  • Words I never expected to hear at the start of a phone call: "The cat just barfed on my ass." I am horrified, but can't stop laughing. #
  • @catherinedevlin It's not just a sprint--it's a safari! in reply to catherinedevlin #
  • Trying to add some tests to old, legacy, painfully untestable, bad code. Doesn't help that it's MY old, etc. bad code... :-P Yuck. #
  • @mhebrank Sartre was wrong--Hell isn't other people, it's your own old, horrible code. in reply to mhebrank #
  • @dgou The alternative is that future-me finally invents a time machine so that he can prevent past-me from leaving this mess for now-me. in reply to dgou #
  • Enjoying catching up on Castle while my wife gets me happy on lemonade/vodka/limoncello cocktails. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......... #
  • Starting to occur to me that I photoed too many scenic panoramas when I was in France. It's a bitch getting rocks, vines to line up right. #
  • 52 photo panorama assemblies down (17 tonight), about a dozen to go. (Apparently I love vineyards?) I think it's time to take a break. #

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