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Tweeted on 2009-03-27

  • On final train headed back to hotel... #pycon is going to hurt in the morning. #
  • Considering socially inappropriate things to put on the big Twitter screen at #pycon #
  • @mc If only I could have invested my 401k in #pycon attendance--it'd at least beat the S&P! ;-) #
  • "#pycon is the Rivendell of programming." #
  • /me desperately resists the urge to correct misspellings of "Rivendell" in #pycon tweets. (Woops, so much for that great idea...) #
  • Rephrased from @pperon: If #pycon is Rivendell, what is the Mordor of programming? #
  • @mcantor Lightning talks are awesome. Get down here! #
  • John Harris just made my #pycon day by using my photo of him from last year's #pycon in his LT. w00t! #
  • Stupidly happy that we're getting more Journey for Rock Band on Tuesday. Donnnnn't stop belieeeeeeeevin'...... #
  • Wow, the Windmill talk is filling up fast! #pycon #
  • Twitterfall seems to be a great way to run down my battery. And an amazing distraction. #
  • Windmill: Any way you want it, that's the way you need it! #pycon #
  • Did I really just hear that Windmill can poke at Javascript stuff going on in your browser? Am I dreaming?? Oh happy day! #pycon #
  • @easel Agreed; an open space for hands-on / tutorial stuff with Windmill seems like it'd be a Good Thing. I want to believe! #pycon in reply to easel #
  • Apparently I have accumulated good wireless karma after years of suffering with probs when "it just worked" for everyone else at #pycon. #
  • @easel Are you asking about an Open Space or should I? #
  • @easel I talked to @admc about an Open Space on Windmill; he was pretty jazzed about it, so I'll stop by the board to schedule it. #pycon #
  • python-dev: "Does that shed come in puce?" #pycon #
  • @mikelevin Major #pycon topics seem to be: testing, web, VMs, deployment/packaging, concurrency, and what's one might call "potpourri". #
  • I keep forgetting to cast my post-talk votes. :-/ #pycon #
  • Catching up with Bill Zingler over lunch at #pycon. Good to see familiar faces again! #
  • @admc @easel @dstanek Looks like @holdenweb beat me to posting a "teach me web testing" open space--want to do Windmill stuff there? 7pm Sat #
  • @admc Too many overlapping interests (TiP BOF, open space) scheduled into overlapping times in different locations; I need a clone! #
  • Retweeting @csitko: Muppetstar Galactica: #
  • Hey #pycon: Saturday night's Testing BOF overlaps with "Teach Me Web Testing" open space--help me resolve my "where should I go" dilemma! #
  • @csitko Doesn't document.write cause God to kill something cute? in reply to csitko #
  • @0x71 We really enjoyed Blue Chicago last night... excellent blues every night. #
  • RT @kumar303 Ned Batchelder at #pycon : "Using a code coverage tool is not a replacement for *thinking*" Amen. #
  • Quoth @nedbat: "We could have an AA meeting. Hi, I'm Ned, I don't have 100% test coverage." #pycon #
  • Signed up for my first ever #pycon lightning talk. Hopefully will not regret this decision. #
  • Hooray, Titus will bring the opinionated commentary! That's one of my favorite parts of #pycon. #
  • @davenoyes My LT topic: The Status Is Not Quo! in reply to davenoyes #
  • Very, very happy to learn that the BSG Season 4 soundtrack will get a **2 CD** release. (YAY!) #
  • @NewTechBooks I believe they were recorded this year--there was A/V recording going on in the tutorial I attended. #
  • Titus: "Once you've gone through and pissed on every line of someone else's code, it feels like it belongs a little bit to you." #pycon #
  • RT @tlesher Steve Holden: "Python: the Swiss Army Lightsabre" #pycon #
  • @swheatly Only problem with twitterfall is that it really likes to pound on your battery... Oh, and the addiction to watching it. #
  • @x5315 Safari on Al MacBook, with the simple theme chosen. Plus I exaggerate a little bit. :-) Keeping screen dimmer helps a lot. in reply to x5315 #
  • RT @swheatley #pycon FToGA: Quote from The Rails Way: "Writing applications without tests makes you a bad person, incapable of love." #
  • Adrian Holovaty demonstrates clever "web browser embedded in PPT" trick using a series of very carefully positioned screenshots. :) #pycon #
  • Moment of panic over--I did, in fact, remember to pack my MiniDP-to-VGA dongle. Will make tomorrow's #pycon LT so much happier. *whew* #
  • @tarek_ziade Would like to take you up on using Atomisator to replace the Pipes-based Unique Python Planet feed; want to chat sometime? #
  • @tartley No. (Unless your followers are filtering out @ replies somehow.) #
  • @catherinedevlin I hope the talk can live up to the hype. ;-) in reply to catherinedevlin #
  • OH @ #pycon:"I'm a local city government developer... Thanks for putting me out of business." #
  • @mhebrank there are some suggestions on that sounded good... I don't want to go too far/be out too late tonight. in reply to mhebrank #
  • @mhebrank will meet after lightning talks & dropping off backpack at room.. Might be layer than 6. in reply to mhebrank #
  • RT @tlesher "RANT: import * is evil" is like "RANT: water is wet" :-) #pycon #
  • @tarek_ziade Will be at the hotel bar shortly after the lightning talks wrap up if you want to try to meet up tonight. #
  • Kind of disappointed that #pycon SciPy LT didn't do a "SyPy" name change joke to poke at stupid SciFi-becoming-SyFy drama. Oh well. #
  • Hey! Another one of my photos seen in a #pycon LT! Neat! :-) #
  • @nedbat Meant to tweet much earlier that I enjoyed your #pycon talk today as well as meeting you at breakfast. Cheers! #
  • Icon-to-Speech #pycon LT very cool, hooray for socially redeeming tech! #
  • @tarek_ziade I'll swing by there on my way out of LTs & up to drop off my stuff. in reply to tarek_ziade #
  • @tarek_ziade looks like I just missed the window / you guys look busy. Maybe tomorrow. in reply to tarek_ziade #
  • @bikegriffith: "I'm pulling up their website... Here, you look." #
  • Sorely tempted to go on a White Oak foam rocket spree in the hotel atrium. Would probably end badly though. #pycon #
  • Just tried to explain #pycon to waitress at Ram (she asked). She refused to accept "nerd fest" & I didn't think Rivendell would make sense. #
  • Not sure what to make of the lights at Ram: #
  • Coworkers discussing idempotence at dinner--isn't there a pill for that? #
  • Re: pill for idempotence--if you experience recursion lasting more than four hours, raise MedicalHelpException. #
  • #pycon Uhhh... Which way is 675? #
  • Have moved to area near open space rooms to get #pycon wireless, but have instead found world's most uncomfortable chairs. #
  • Okay, I just can't take this chair any more. #pycon attendees beware! #

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