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Tweeted on 2009-03-26

  • RT @meyerweb: "What I'm saying is that server-side solutions invariably lead to sinister necromantic cabals." ( #
  • "If you're teaching a Perl programmer, you're saving his life anyway." - @holdenweb (in #pycon tutorial) #
  • @jeffpuckett I can't grok the bad reaction some have to whitespace in Python. You should be indenting properly anyway. Why so much drama? in reply to jeffpuckett #
  • @sgbirch I gave up when, after writing Python for work for about 6 months, I looked back at some of my old Perl code and wept. in reply to sgbirch #
  • @jeffpuckett Ruby has always felt to me like an assembly of ugly parts of other languages. I just can't understand wanting to write in it. in reply to jeffpuckett #
  • Pretty good sized crowd in @holdenweb's #pycon tutorial: #
  • Aeron chairs in #pycon tutorials are a very welcome improvement from Pycons past. Happy spine FTW! #
  • @bikegriffith Aye, but I think class decorators are better so that you can stack multiple magics together without exploding the universe. in reply to bikegriffith #
  • #pycon AGI folks are headed into the city in search of adventure! Meeting up in main lobby after lunch. All Pycon folks welcome to join. :-) #
  • #pycon AGI adventure party meeting at fireplace outside hotel bar; join up if you want to go check out Chicago! #
  • Really starting to regret not bringing my DSLR :-( #
  • @davenoyes One of us, one of us... #
  • Sushi at Niu = happiness: #
  • Clark Street Ale House is fulllllll of win. And good beer! #

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